Ultra 4K Extreme

  • Satellite: Eutelsat 16A
  • Orbital Position: 16° East
  • Beam: Europe B
  • Downlink Frequency: 11595.250MHz
  • Channel/Transponder: D08
  • Polarization: V- down
  • Signal format / Standard: PAL 16:9 – 3840 x 2160
  • Frames per second: 25
  • Video PID: 2801
  • RX Signal Protocol: DVB-S2
  • Modulation Scheme: 8PSK
  • FEC: 6-May
  • DVB Carrier Symbol Rate: 30 Msymb/s
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More than a sports TV channel with the best blend of premium extreme sports entertainment in Ultra HD – 4K resolution. 4 times higher resolution.

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