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  • Satellite reception of channels is possible from transponders of the satellite Eutelsat 36A / 36B / 36C @ 36 ° East (EXPRESS AMU-1 @ 36 ° East)
  • Transponder: No. 34
  • Carrier frequency: 12.360 GHz
  • Polarization: Right
  • Data transmission standard: DVB-S2
  • Modulation: 8PSK
  • Symbol rate: 30,000 Kc/s
  • Error Correction Code (FEC): 5/6
  • Encoding: H.265 (HEVC)
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INSIGHT HD is a TV channel about how young people live now: music, e-sports, blogging, extreme hobbies, travel and, of course, dreams.

Insight HD heroes are vibrant personalities and social media stars who speak the same language with millennials and Gen Z and create a bridge between social networks and TV broadcast.

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